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Toroid Mount


Toroidal core

C- Core

Current Sensor Core


Common Mode Choke





    CB-Magnetics is a professional magnetic Products solution company in Shenzhen. Established in 2009,  CB-Magnetics develops very fast. CB-Magnetics has a number of experienced experts; most of them have more than 10 years’ experience. With our experience and experts, CB-Magnetics devotes professional services and Value-added solutions to the companies who are interested in pursuing products from us, meeting the needs of reducing costs, delivery on time and continuously improving quality.

    CB-Magnetics has two factories here, and the products from components to whole transformers.  One factory focuses on plastic parts, including transformer bobbin, toroid mount for inductor, custom tooling design and making, custom plastic injection molding. The other factory is mainly for silicon steel core, amorphous core and nanocrystalline core. Completed inductors, coil winding parts, air choke, transformers are also available for the needed customers. CB-Magnetics fully understands your concerns, we are always here for you, with profession and confidence, to achieve your goal and realize your mission!

      Now, CB-Magnetics has customers all over the world, most of them are from US, Europe, Austrilia, South-east Asia countries, Korea and  so on. With our outstanding quality, most competitive prices and best services, CB-Magnetics has won recognition and praises from customers everywhere. Please just try CB-Magnetics, you will get more than you expected.

     We always believe:

    CB-Magnetics, so good quality, so good service, so good price.

    CB-Magnetics is always the right Solution.



Company Information

China Bright Technology Limited

China Bright Magnetics Limited

Address: No.28, zhongxin Road, Shajing Town, Bao’An District, Shenzhen City,

                  Guangdong Province, PRC    518104

Sales contact:


Phone: (86)-755-61124460

Mobile phone: (86)- 13631662432

                            (86)- 13430410670